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A Skillful DUI Lawyer for Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Indio

If you were charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, or anywhere else in the Coachella Valley, you need a DUI lawyer with experience in DUI defense. At Valente Law Offices, our firm can help if you were arrested or ticketed.

Once you receive a DUI, you must contact the DMV within 10 days of arrest to schedule a hearing to preserve your license. Our law office can assist you with that initial hearing. Since a DUI is a misdemeanor, in most cases, our lawyer can go to court on your behalf. However, if this is your second or third DUI charge, then you will need to be present in court.

Call Our Coachella Valley DUI Attorney Today

At Valente Law Offices, our DUI attorney wants our clients to receive the best possible outcome. Typically, a DUI conviction can result in possible jail time, enrollment in required classes from a treatment program, and substantial fines. The treatment program aims to reduce the incidence of injury, disability, or fatality that may result from alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle crashes. The program may decrease the risk of re-offense for an impaired driving offense violation.

Valente Law Offices has the experience and skill to provide you with the best possible DUI defense and outcome. Whether that’s converting jail time to community service or having the charges dismissed, our DUI attorney will fight to adjust your charges. Call us today for a free consultation.

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